KrabbitWorld Origins Demo Spoiler and Walkthrough


- Press alt or option and move the mouse to rotate around Kria Kid.
- Spin the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out on Kria Kid.
- Press W to move forward, A to move left, S to move backward and D to move right.
- Press Q to turn left and E to turn right.
- Press the Right mouse button to rotate.
- Press the spacebar to jump and hold it down to jump higher.


- Click on the Peace Icon on the avatar hud in the upper left corner or Press F to equip weapon.
- Click the Roman Numeral icons in your icon bar to attack.
- Go smash the boxes and barrels and click on the loot to pick up.


- Press F to equip weapon, if not already equipped.
- Click the Roman Numeral icons in your icon bar or press corresponding F key to attack with weapon.
- Click on spell icon in icon bar or press corresponding F key to cast magic.
- Hold down Shift key to Block.
- Hold down Shift key and press any movement key to Dodge. (W, A, S, D)

Combo Hud for increased damage:

- Click attack button to strike when combo hud area is highlighted.
- Click when red area is highlighted for fair attack damage.
- Click when purple area is highlighed for good attack damage.
- Click when green area is highlighted for excellent attack damage.
- Click when yellow area is highlighted for critical attack damage.
- Left circle shows attack strike used, right circle shows consecutive combo count achieved.
- Damage increases as combo count increases.


- Click on Kid Teella to hire her as your henchman.
- Click on her Peace/Combat icon to equip her weapon and command her to fight.
- Click on her Flag icon to select it then move it with your mouse to where you want her to go.
- Click on the ground to plant the Flag and she will go there.
- Click potions and buffs under her Avatar to heal and buff her.
- Now navigate Kid Teella down the treehouse ramps.
- Click the Flag icon under her Avatar and place it in the spinning blue destination indicator.
- Press F to unequip your weapon and preserve Stamina.
- Click Teella's Combat icon to unequip her weapon and preserve stamina.

Combat Practise:

- Defeat the Skeleton Warrior with the help of your Henchman.


- Mouse over the Apple bush and click on the apples to make them fall.
- Click on the apples on the ground to pick them up.
- Click on the Golden Ka-Ra button in the center of your icon bar to open equip items window.
- Drag the apple from the window onto an icon bar slot to equip.
- Click the apple on the icon bar to eat.
- Equip buffs by dragging the scribes from the window onto slots in the icon bar.

Mini Map:

- Purple diamonds on the mini map indicate Enemy Spawners in the main world.
- Mini maps can still be seen while in the Battle Theatre.

Enemy Spawn Points:

- Dark hovering clouds and animated bubble shapes indicate Enemy Spawn Points.
- Run into them to spawn Enemies and be transported to a Battle Theatre.

Battle Theatres:

- Defeat all enemies in the Battle Theatre with the help of your Henchman.
- While the flashing edge of the Battle Theatre and the lights are red there are still enemies to defeat.
- If all enemies are defeated and the edge and lights are still red there is a spawner to destroy.
- Destroyable spawners are objects such as castles, crypts and fountains.
- Practise using the Combo Hud to increase damage while destroying the spawner.
- When the Battle Theatre is clear the flashing edge and lights will turn blue.
- Run and jump into the blue flashing edge of the Battle Theatre to re-enter the forest.
- Look at your mini map to see how many enemies are left.
- Approach the next enemy Spawn Point to be returned to the Battle Theatre.
- Defeat all enemies as before and clear the forest.

- Explore the forest and smash barrels and crates and open chests to discover loot.

- Your time as a child Krabbit has ended.

Select and Customize your Krabbit:

- You are at the character selection menu and may now choose an adult Krabbit.
- Select Kria or Krei and save your Krabbit.
- You are in the character customization screen and may colour your Krabbit.
- Click on the bodypart icon you wish to colour in the window on the left.
- Select the colour from the Realm palette on the right.
- Click the Realm icons to change the palette pages.
- Watch the bodypart on the Krabbit doll change colour.
- Use this method to colour the rest of your Krabbit.
- When the Krabbit doll is the desired colours click the Save button on the lower right.

Krystal Cavern level 2:

- Clear the level of enemies with the help of your henchman.
- Gather dropped loot.
- Watch the endlevel movie.

Congratulations, you have completed the demo!

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