Press 'W,A,S, or D' to move forward, left, backward or right
Press 'Q' or 'E' to turn from side to side
Press 'C' for character sheet
Press 'F' to equip/unequip weapon
Press 'I' for inventory
Press 'K' for spells
Press 'P' for paper doll window to dress/equip your character
Press 'R' to toggle Run/Walk
Swivel the mouse to rotate the camera
Press 'option' key(mac), 'alt'(win) and swivel mouse to view front of Krabbit
Drag spells to icon bar to equip
Collect all Story Tomes in game (all levels) for XP
XP gained during combat is based on damage per hit
Un-equip weapon to heal and regain stamina faster
Sit to heal and regain stamina faster
A certain level of mana is required for some spells
You can still jump when you are out of stamina
If you suddenly can't attack, check your stamina meter
Keep your SpellForge Krystals charged to maintain powers
Powers are not strong until after reaching level 10
The fastest way to escape combat is to jump
Press and hold down spacebar to jump higher
Use the number keys 1 through 4 to attack
Aim with mouse to target enemy
Queue attacks by pressing the number keys one after another
Use the movement keys 'W,A,S,D' after attacking to complete queued attacks
Beware of Imp Mage Skullbomb attack AOE (area of effect) explosion
Zoom in with scroll button to navigate more easily in tight spaces
You can interact with most any item that highlights when you mouseover it
Damage to enemy increases with combos achieved
Feed your Krabbit to keep her or him alive
Food can be found in chests, barrels and Aya's Shoppe
Stock up on food before combat
You can pick apples from the apple bushes in the forest
Combat is easier and more fun with a Henchman helping
Barrels, crates, some doors and some krystals are smashable